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ALCOAST 368/16 – Coast Guard Deck Watch Officer (DWO) Examination Program

Prospective cutter, Aids-to-Navigation Team (ANT) and station COs, XOs, OICs and XPOs are required to pass the applicable DWO exam (initial or renewal) no more than one year prior to the execution of PCS orders. This requirement also applies to PAL-designated cutter Operations Officers and Operations Petty Officers. This standard applies even if the member is currently assigned to an applicable unit or possesses a valid merchant license or credential.

In FY17, members in the candidate pool for an applicable unit as discussed above are strongly encouraged to prepare early and take the exam as soon as possible, preferably prior to attending the Prospective CO/XO/OIC/XPO Afloat course (340380), Prospective Operations Officer course (501080), Cutter OPS-BRM (500686) course or the Boat Forces Command Cadre (BFCC) (230277) course.

Note: the OCT-DEC time frame is within the one year requirement of the typical summer PCS season. Prior to orders, the test may be taken multiple times without repercussion. Once orders are issued, the member must pass the test within two attempts. Failure to pass the DWO exam within two attempts will result in the cancellation of PCS orders for the member. Commands and members shall immediately notify COMDT (CG-751) or COMDT (CG-731) when this situation occurs.


ALCOAST 369/16 – Implementation of Coast Guard Assessment, Inspection, and Audit (AIA) Governance System, Phase One

This ALCOAST announces the establishment of governance over new and existing AIAs, and the open classification season for all activities conducting AIAs functions throughout the Coast Guard.

In order to reduce field burden without unacceptable risk increases, the AIA GS will contain the growth of new compliance activities, classify all current activities, streamline AIAs, and implement community-specific scheduling frameworks to optimize delivery. Financial and property audits governed by COMDT (CG-8) and any external audits or inspections directed by higher authority that are specifically excluded in REF (B) will not be governed by the AIA GS. However, exempt activities which have a field burden will be classified in order to gain broader visibility to enable the AIA GS to systematically evaluate the risk and burden.


ALCOAST 370/16 – Foundation for Coast Guard History (FCGH) Coast Guard Unit and Individual Awards Solicitation

The Foundation for Coast Guard History (FCGH) has announced the solicitation of nominations for its annual unit and individual awards program for 2015.  Each year the FCGH recognizes both a large (ex. – major cutter, Air Station and Sector) and small (ex. – Patrol Boat, Station) Coast Guard unit for contributions in preserving the history of the service. The large unit winner receives five hundred dollars, and the small unit two hundred dollars, for their morale fund. The criteria for eligibility for the unit award are:

a. Units can be active duty or reserve, auxiliary squadron, or a spouses club.
b. Units must be engaged in a specific undertaking aimed at furthering public awareness of current activities or the history and heritage of the Coast Guard.
c. Units that earned the award may not resubmit for a period of five years.

In addition to unit awards, the FCGH recognizes individuals, who through their own efforts, have contributed to the furthering of Coast Guard history. Units and organizations are encouraged to nominate individuals they believe worthy of recognition. Documentation should be in the form of a letter, with two copies, detailing the contributions of the individual.

  • Deadline for entries is 31 October 2016.
  • Additional information may be obtained at the FCGH website at
  • Mail entries to:


FCGH USCG Award Committee
c/o John Galluzzo
20 Evergreen Lane
Hanover, MA 02339


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