Fire Prevention Week – check your smoke alarms

This week is Fire Prevention Week and kicks off an All Hands Fall Safety series to ensure that you are ready for anything that fall may bring your way. Summer is now in the rearview mirror, and we are already busy prepping for the upcoming holidays. We should also take time to prepare at the beginning of each season for new weather and other situations that a certain season brings.

This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years” and encourages you to test and inspect your home smoke detectors before you may need them.

Smoke detectors are the first line of defense in a home fire, but that is only if they are working properly!

  • Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Make sure you know how old all the smoke alarms are in your home.
  • To find out how old a smoke alarm is, look at the date of manufacture on the back of the alarm; the alarm should be replaced 10 years from that date.
  • Take this moment to also test the batteries and replace them if they are more than six months old.


Replace the detector if:

  • The date of manufacture is 10 years or older.
  • You cannot find a date of manufacture.


Make a Home Fire Escape Plan now!

  • You may only have one to two minutes to evacuate from your home when your smoke detectors activate. Make sure to develop your fire evacuation plan, discuss it with your family, and practice the plan.


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