Happy 226th Birthday Coast Guard!

Aug. 4, 2016 is the USCG 226th Birthday

Aug. 4, 2016 is the USCG 226th Birthday

To the men and women of our Coast Guard,


When he founded the Coast Guard 226 years ago, even a visionary like Alexander Hamilton could have hardly imagined the service we are today. Consistent with our maritime roots, yet evolved to address increasingly complex threats, today’s Coast Guard is a strategically focused force that provides a unique and powerful value to our Nation. I’m proud to see you answer the call on a daily basis.


Hamilton might not recognize many aspects of today’s Coast Guard, but there is one element he could not miss – you. Our dedicated force of active duty, reserves, civilians, auxiliary and retirees selflessly and professionally serve our Nation. Without you, there is no Coast Guard.


As we venture into our 226th year, we will remain Semper Paratus – Always Ready to guard the homeland, protect our environment, facilitate commerce, attack transnational criminal organizations, and save those in peril. We are on every continent and have sailed on every ocean.   I have witnessed your strength and resolve, and I can say with pride that we are the world’s best Coast Guard!


Happy 226th birthday – it is my honor to serve alongside you.


Semper Paratus

Admiral Paul F. Zukunft

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