Dessert First – Mississippi Mud Pie

Some calendars declare August as “Eat Dessert First Month.” Well since it is also the Coast Guard’s Birthday Month, we can’t let this opportunity pass us by! Each Tuesday during the month of August, our very own Coast Guard food service specialists will share some of their favorite dessert recipes so you can have dessert first!

Coast Guard food service specialists serve in approximately 370 units worldwide. They keep the Coast Guard fleet ready and able to perform the service’s missions. Dessert is always a morale booster, as well as being an important part of special events like a Change of Command.

This is our the last dessert for the blog series. We hope you have enjoyed all of the desserts! As for this final treat, it definitely does not taste like mud – trust me!

Mississippi Mud Pie
Made by 1st Class Petty Officer Jeremy Kapper
Food Service Specialist for the Commandant’s Flag Mess at Coast Guard Headquarters


Crust Ingredients

  • 1 ¼ cups chocolate wafer crumbs
  • 5 tbsp unsalted melted butter
  • 3 tbsp sugar


Filling Ingredients

  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp light corn syrup
  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • ½ cup toffee bits
  • 1 qt coffee ice cream, softed
  • ½ cup chopped whole almonds, toasted



(Preheat oven to 350 F)

  • In a bowl, stir together crumbs, melted butter and sugar until the crumbs are evenly moistened.
  • Pat the mixture firmly and evenly into the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch pie pan or dish.
  • Bake until crust is firm, 5-10 minutes.
  • Place chocolate chips, butter, cream and corn syrup in the top of a double boiler set over (not touching) barely simmering water (over heat), stirring often until chocolate is melted.
  • Add the confectioners’ sugar and vanilla; mix well.
  • Spread ½ of the melted chocolate evening on top of the cookie crust; keep the other ½ of the melted chocolate for the top of the pie.
  • Sprinkle ½ of the toffee bits on the chocolate/crust combination.
  • Refrigerate the chocolate/crust until chilled (approximately 1 hour).
  • Beat the ice cream in a large bowl with mixer until it is spreadable, but not runny.
  • Immediately mound into the pie shell and spread evenly.
  • Freeze until ice cream is firm (at least two hours).
  • Reheat remaining chocolate mixture and pour over ice cream, sprinkle remaining toffee bits and almonds on top.
  • Freeze again until firm.


Slice and enjoy!


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