Now open: Nominations for innovation awards

Awards GraphicNominations for the 2015 Capt. Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards are now open!

Nominees may include:

  • All ideas presented to previous challenges that have been selected for further development;
  • Open ideas and solutions nominated by Coast Guard commands through a designated awards area within ECIP; and
  • Other ideas submitted during the course of ECIP challenges that the Innovation Council deems particularly noteworthy.


Nominations must present an innovative approach to solving Coast Guard strategic needs. The 2015 Innovation Awards will be given to deserving individuals or teams in four categories: Science or technology; operations or readiness; administration, training, or support; and the Cmdr. Joel Magnussen Innovation Award for Management.

All Coast Guard active duty, reserve, civilian, and auxiliary personnel are eligible to submit ideas for consideration. Contractors’ contributions may also be acknowledged when part of a project team. All nominations must be submitted prior to Feb. 29, 2016.

The Commandant’s Direction 2014 calls for “an organization capable of continuous innovation and learning.” To foster a culture where innovation is encouraged and rewarded, the Innovation Program provides a means for our talented workforce to provide, discuss and develop ideas to address our Service’s strategic needs. The Innovation Program has recently moved to its new home in the Coast Guard Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Program, COMDT (CG-926). The program will continue to leverage the initiative, talent, experience and creativity of our workforce.

The Innovation Program is pleased to report initial success with the prototype phase of the Enterprise Common Ideation Platform (ECIP Connect). To date the workforce has generated 167 ideas toward six strategic challenges. Program sponsors including COMDT (CG-4) and COMDT (CG-11) have gleaned innovative new solutions to difficult challenges. As a reminder, all members of the Coast Guard workforce (Active, Reserve, Civilian, and Auxiliary) are invited to participate in ECIP Connect. The site can be found at the ECIP Connect website.

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