Release of the Doctrine for Mission Support, Pub MS-0

Click the image above to view the Coast Guard's Mission Support Doctrine, Pub MS-0.

Click the image above to view the Coast Guard’s Mission Support Doctrine, Pub MS-0.

Written by Lori Pastro

Have you ever thought about how our cutters, aircraft, and computers are purchased and maintained or how our people are trained? Have you ever wondered how we protect our people and our assets or how you get paid? Have you ever thought about whom you could turn to if you or your unit were facing challenges? Sometimes, we don’t think about things, like these, until something goes wrong. As long as our cutters, aircraft, and computers are working; everyone’s safe and healthy; and we’re getting paid, we don’t stop to consider what it takes to keep things running smoothly.

So, now that I’ve got you thinking about it for a moment—no, it’s not a person behind a curtain, pulling all the strings. Instead, we have an entire mission support enterprise that works tirelessly to ensure that our people and our assets are able and ready to fulfill Coast Guard missions. The dedicated personnel in mission support provide many services that you use on a daily basis and others that you may need one day. In other words, you would not be able to carry out your responsibilities in the Coast Guard without mission support.

So, if you haven’t learned your way around the mission support enterprise yet, here’s your chance.

On Oct. 30, 2015, Vice Adm. Sandra L. Stosz, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, or DCMS, released the Doctrine for Mission Support, Coast Guard Publication MS-0, which will commonly be referred to as Pub MS-0.

For those working within DCMS, the Doctrine for Mission Support serves as the primary source of doctrinal information after the Doctrine for the U.S. Coast Guard (Pub 1). Pub MS-0 should guide the development of mission support strategies, plans, policies, and procedures. For those working in operations and other places outside of DCMS, the doctrine should be used as a resource to understand the mission support enterprise.

All the Armed Forces have support organizations that provide the people, materiel and equipment necessary for operational success. As Gen. Pershing said, “Infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars. Where would the combat arms be without the bullets, boots and beans?” In the Coast Guard, successful missions also depend on effective support.

Stosz is very excited to share this important publication with you. In it, you will learn how, in recent years, mission support has evolved into a consolidated enterprise with six core communities that are continuously improving mission support delivery. You will also learn about the Mission Support Business Model; our guiding principles, which are based upon decades of wisdom gained from supporting Coast Guard operations; how we work with our partners to provide the support needed for operational success; and more.

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