OSMS and YOU: Prevention Ashore

This blog post is the 16th in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!



Written by Lt. Isaac Mahar


Prevention Officers with this specialty have the training, skills, and experience to manage and execute the Coast Guard’s prevention operations. Prevention mission management requires detailed knowledge of the inspection of vessels, facilities, maritime investigations, enforcement of waterway safety and security standards, and waterway analyses.

Officers with this specialty have the baseline experience and knowledge to serve as a leader within the prevention community. Additionally, this specialty is used to track compliance with the statutory requirements set forth in 14 USC 57 for Chief, Prevention Department at a Sector.

Summary of Minimum Requirements:

  • Marine Inspector sub-specialty designation (CG-OAP11), plus one of the following:
  • Marine Safety Engineer sub-specialty designation (CG-OAP16)
  • Marine Casualty Investigator (CVSFO) competency
  • Waterways Management Representative (MAREAA) competency
  • Facility Inspector (MAREU) competency

Experience Requirement:

Officers must serve a minimum of one year as a primary duty in a position earning or utilizing the listed sub-specialties or competencies. Experience cannot count for more than one position type at a time. Experience must be earned at a Shore Forces operational unit, with the exception of the Marine Safety Engineer sub-specialty or CG-OAP16 earned at the Marine Safety Center. Experience shall be documented through the Officer Evaluation Report and/or the Employee Summary Sheet.

Officer Specialty Requirements (OSR):

Complete details can be found in the OAP10 Prevention Operations Ashore OSR.


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