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This blog post is the fifth in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!



Written by Lt. Cmdr. Mark Patton

Every Coast Guard operation and support function depends on the effectiveness and reliability of our electronic systems and the communications networks that link them together. The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology or C4IT officer designs, builds and sustains the technology that enables mission execution at all levels. C4IT officers must be adaptive to keep up with the fast pace of technology and will play a critical role in hardening our systems against emerging cyber threats. To get out ahead of technology challenges, it is vital that we have a strong understanding of the experience and skill sets that each member has to offer. Through the Officer Specialty Management System, we can achieve the visibility we need to put the right people in the right positions to enhance Coast Guard missions.

C4IT Officer billet requirements and individual competency are captured by the C4IT Specialty or CG-C4I10. Officers will find four common criteria when applying for the C4IT Officer Specialty:

1. Education or experience in lieu of this requirement is a good reflection of a diverse set of accession points for our C4IT officers.

  • Coast Guard Academy – The Electrical Engineering curriculum is intended to prepare cadets for work in the C4IT community.
  • Advanced Education Programs – Officers from all backgrounds, including CGA cadets from other majors, who successfully compete for any of the four CG-6 sponsored programs below, will join the C4IT community.

                      Communications, Computers and Electrical Engineering (Postgrad)
                  Information Assurance (Postgrad)
                  Information Technology Management (Postgrad)
                 Advanced Computer, Engineering and Technology (Undergrad)

  • Direct Commission Engineers – People with at least an undergraduate level technical degree and documented job experienced are recruited into the officer corps. This includes civilians and a strong contingent of prior Coast Guard enlisted personnel from a variety of ratings.
  • Chief Warrant Officer to Lieutenant – former ELC, ISM, and OSS chief warrant officers who reserve a commission as a Lieutenant.
  • Assignment – Any officer with technical C4IT degree or experience may qualify for a C4IT Officer Specialty Code, regardless of accession point.


2. CG C4IT Experience: Officers must gain experience in C4IT Officer positions to qualify for the Officer Specialty Code.

3. C4IT Competency: Officers must capture their education and experience by applying for specific C4IT competencies prior to applying for the Officer Specialty Code.

4. IT Acquisition Certification: Most C4IT officers will be project managers for Coast Guard systems and must apply for the CG IT acquisition certification through Assistant Commandant for Acquisition CG-9.

Apply for the C4IT Officer Specialty Code today by visiting the Officer Personnel Management, OPM-3 website.

Visit the C4IT Officer Workforce Community Portal Page for visibility on relevant workforce issues.

Stay current with the C4IT Community at the C4IT Service Center Centerfield Blog.


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