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This blog post is theĀ second in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!



Written by Cmdr. Thomas Olenchock

Do you want to influence Pay? Assignments? Promotions? Advancements? Then consider a career in Human Resources or HR. You will learn why the opportunity of selection changes, who in considered for promotion each year, and why enlisted personnel appear to advance all year while officer promotions are concentrated in the summer.

Consider this: no matter what decision is being made, a human is always involved in the solution. When operations change, they need people to complete that new mission. Those people will require training, education, and to be sent to accomplish the mission. The programs need to work with a Human Resources Manager to achieve any new, changing, or existing mission. HR in the Coast GuardĀ is the same as with all businesses, the other military services, and throughout the government – HR officers focus on the needs of our people, the talent needs of the organization, and build the systems to sustain both into the future.

The HRM specialty is comprised of three subspecialties, Human Resource Management, Recruiting and Training. Each of these subspecialties provides critical services to the member and the service. Demonstrating your proficiency in any one of them will classify you as a HRM officer. HRM officer enjoy tours at the Personnel Service Center, headquarters units, training centers, sector logistics departments, recruiting offices, and Coast Guard base operations.

Human Resources provides exciting careers within the Coast Guard which can be your primary focus, or paired nicely with operational and mission support jobs. A career in HRM teaches problem solving, people skills, and key leadership practices to ensure success in any field. Start you career in Coast Guard Human Resources by pursuing any of the three subspecialties – Generalist, Recruiting, or Training.

Stay tuned for next week’s post as we share more details about each of these sub-specialties!

HRM Infographic

Click the above image for the most up-to-date information regarding the Human Resources specialties.

For more information please visit the Officer Personnel Management, OPM-3 website.


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