No Coast Guard CRSP board for active-duty in 2015


For the past five years, the Coast Guard has received authorization to hold an active duty Career Retention Screening Panels, or CRSPs. The main goal of the panel has been to increase workforce flow and address high retention issues.

Since it’s inception in 2010, the Coast Guard has also implemented workforce management tools that increased the ability to stabilize accessions and regulate workforce flow. The tools include the reactivation of high-year tenure or HYT, ending indefinite reenlistments and updating reenlistment standards.

As a result of these efforts, current trends in workforce flow and retention do not call for a need to hold a CRSP in 2015.

Many of the tools implemented have caused the workforce to adjust to numerous new initiatives, impacting their careers. As such, by not holding a CRSP in 2015, the Coast Guard will allow time for the workforce to continue to adjust to these recent policy changes.

A reserve force CRSP is still scheduled for 2015. Last year was the first CRSP held for the reserve workforce, an additional CRSP will allow for enhanced workforce flow and will continue ensuring a healthy reserve force.

The Coast Guard will continue to determine the needs for an additional active duty CRSP in the future. If a decision is made to hold one, any members potentially affected will receive notification well before the panel hearing.

Any members previously selected for involuntary retirement through previous CRSPs are required to retire as directed.

Inquiries regarding CRSP, high-year tenure or other enlisted separation issues should be directed to PSC-epm-1. Any questions regarding military personnel policies may be directed to the office of military personnel CG-1331.


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