Ringing in 2015 with rhyme: Pacific Area

On New Year’s Eve the midnight log entry at a Coast Guard unit takes on a life of its own and is traditionally written as a poem. The Compass reached out to those standing the watch to share the tradition of applying verse to the ship’s log as we all rung in 2015. Below, we share log entries from cutters stationed throughout the Coast Guard Pacific Area. Enjoy!

Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley spent New Year's Eve patrolling the Bearing Sea. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley spent New Year’s Eve patrolling the Bearing Sea. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard Cutter Sequoia

The New Year has sprung and the spring lines are doubled
As Sequoia, nestled port side, has her shore ties coupled.
The night lights are on, yoke is set, in Apra harbor, Guam ,
With charlie as the status, this is sure to mean sweat.
In Honolulu, District Fourteen has the op, ad, and tacon
As they wait for 2015 on the other side of the date line.
The small boats are cradled and ready for sea
While BM2 Thompson and ENS Bondurant stand a taut OOD.
Our SOPA across the harbor is the USS Frank Cable
For in the morning we wait for the colors call, ready and able.

Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley
Written by Lt. j.g. Cameron King

The stars are shining on the “Bulldog of the Bering”
It’s fortunate the First Lieutenant bit the head off a herring.
We’re marking our position with dGPS
Under International Rules because Alaska’s the best.

PACAREA, our OPCON and ADCON, that’s true,
But District Seventeen has our TACON, too.
The BMOW verified that our nav lights are bright
So all the hook and line vessels can see us tonight.

Boardings and “FLIGHTCON” fill the Plan-of-the-Day
And it’s usually Noon when we see the sun’s rays.
Fisheries law enforcement is our primary mission
The number 2 generator is out-of-commission.

Four Main Diesel Engines are purring just fine
The crew really can’t wait to visit Dutch one more time.
Material Condition Yoke is set throughout the ship
This patrol is promising to be quite the trip.

LTJG Freeman, she has the Deck.
Driving the ship, as she knows best.
BMC Bradshaw is breaking-in,
Another year at sea begins.

Both small boats are cradled, griped, ready for sea
And there is no place that I’d rather be.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention
Parts of shipboard life that deserve your attention.

Besides the white caps on the surf and snow-covered peaks
The vibrant orange of a puffin’s beak
Or the humpback whales, storms, and seasons wild
Or even the sweet smile of an Akutan child.

Like any cutter would proclaim out there in the fleet
Or any coastguardsman or woman would say once you happened to meet
“The people make it worth it. This is a great crew!
It’s sure been an honor sailing with you.”

Coast Guard Cutter Kukui

Live from the 808
CGC KUKUI on scene
Shoutout to the NR1 steering pump – working that double shift.
Yo plant, where you at?
NR1 MDE and NR2 SSDG, we be cookin
Alright alright, and the kuks, where you at?
Oh we’re cradled
Who’s got the cons?
District 14: We’ve got the AD and OP
Sector Honolulu: we’ve got the TAC
Alright we’re in full effect.
BOSN pump it up just wakin’ up in the New Year with the watch squad
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
No freezing of the logs, no fog
And FS1 cooked midrats, he went easy on the hog.
I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out
Got a call from a contact when we called out
Yoke is set so I had to shut the door
Keepin’ us floatin’ a whole ‘notha four.
I gotta go ‘cause I got my nav lights up
and if I hit the gas I can make the stern drop.
They gotta stop at my blue light
Within 12 miles got a contact in sight
But CPA is alright.
I got a beep from TAC and we both up all night.
Called up the district and I’m askin’ y’all
“Hey, where do all the aid discreps fall?”
Get me on the seas and I’m trouble
Last week went out and fixed a buoy couple
It feels so good being off the pier,
I can’t believe, today starts a new year.

Coast Guard Cutter Alert

Moored port side to the grand 17th St. pier
ALERT’s Semper Pa to ring in the New Year
All mooring lines doubled, and no one is troubled
“Can’t wait to go home” SN Franco just mumbled

Liberty granted to more fortunate hands
While six coasties stand watch, all guarding our sands
The wind she’s a blowing, Columbia’s a flowing
Anticipation for 2015 is growing

Condition Alfa plus, keeping the ship secure
CO is SOPA, the ‘OPA most mature
The small boats are alright, OTH cradled to the right
With the CBL at tongue point, trailered and held tight

The OPCON, the ADCON, the TACON as well
Belong to PACAREA, land of large swells
The lights all burn brightly, as they have been nightly
MattyCon yoke through the ship is set tightly

For Ensign McAndrew is the OOD
“A first year Ensign?” asks the good BM3
“Might as well be sinking, I just can’t stop thinking”
“That flooding alarm will surely start blinking”
“The fact we’re still floating, the crew should be gloating”
“I’m not sure this ex-cadet’s meant for boating”

The foghorn be horning for what seems like no reason
But the crew of ALERT wants to ring in this season
The holidays are here, our next patrol nears
So here’s to another great Coast Guard New Year!

Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star

Verily this day we sail following the Southern Cross,
Wondering what the New Year will toss.
XX-XX south by XXX-XX east,
The POLAR STAR rides the sea like a beast.
With Sydney astern fading in the wake,
We press towards McMurdo to make our first break.
The bow pointed south beyond sight of land.
Our OPCON and ADCON under Pacific command.
All nav lights are lit with care,
Burning brightly so that none may collide by sea or by air.
The small boats all cradled held fast by their gripes.
The ’72 ready for rescues tonight.
The deck held fast by the COMMO, LTJG Caylor.
The aux watch stands ready with buckets and bailers.
BM1 Birt is tending the conn,
Whom shall be sleeping come dawn.
The QMOW watch stander is BM3 Murry,
Whose bald head this New Year day looks especially furry.
There’s no need to hurry for the year has just begun,
As we head down to the Ross Sea to chase the never ending sun.
As of 0318, YN3 Guerra write here, for the changing of watch.
At 0327 BMC Sullivan the deck and ENS Hall the conn they claim,
Thus the new watch shall remain.

Coast Guard Cutter Munro
Written by ET2 Keifer Bowen

Munro is moored port side at her home pier,
In Kodiak, Alaska, with skies cool and clear.
Her mooring lines doubled and properly secure,
There is no weather this cutter won’t endure.
COMPACAREA Alamada takes control of her OPCON,
Let’s not forget they also have her ADCON.
The crew rests easy within her cold skin,
Knowing FPCON Alpha is there through thick and thin.
Alaska’s Bering Sea cutter is safe and tight,
Material condition yoke keeps her safe tonight.
Her lights shine brightly about the decks,
Warning aircraft of dangers and ships of wrecks.
She’s not a hotel but one might notice,
Fresh water and power are quite a service.
The phone rings softly at the top of the hour,
Ensuring sewage is pumped before it grows sour.
Her small boats work hard amongst the harsh seas,
23151 rests at the NESU while 23169 is cradled and secure for sea.
Special care must be taken to ensure she’s well kept,
Today LTJG Ressel ensures all her responsibilities are met.
The fireworks crack in the frost bitten air,
Happy New Year to all, enjoy it with care.

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