Ringing in 2015 with rhyme: Atlantic Area

On New Year’s Eve the midnight log entry at a Coast Guard unit takes on a life of its own and is traditionally written as a poem. The Compass reached out to those standing the watch to share the tradition of applying verse to the ship’s log as we all rung in 2015. Below, we share log entries from cutters stationed throughout the Coast Guard Atlantic Area. Enjoy!

Coast Guard Cutter Valiant


Coast Guard Cutter Valiant
Written by Lt. j.g. Berit Boyle

Moored Port Side to, it’s going to be fun
On VALIANT tonight, at Pier Alpha Berth 1
The duty section is tired, but ready for some fun
Naval Station Mayport is the place to be
If you’re on duty, that is, on New Years Eve
The reason why: everything is set
Material Condition Yoke, plus a bet
That this year will bring even more adventures
In the service of our nation
Enforcing laws that protect our loved ones,
A cause for celebration
Evening reports are held in the glow
Of ten navy ships’ Christmas lights, all in a row
When all of a sudden, there appears with a crack
A kraken in the basin, with Santa on his back!
Pier SOPA calls out on the radio “We’ve got a sighting-
A sea monster who looks too happy for fighting!”
Says Santa: “I forgot to give you something-
A thanks for all you do
To you salty squids, you navigators of the sea
Including that little Coast Guard ship too.”

Coast Guard Cutter Venturous
Written by Ens. Ryan Babb

‘Tis the first of January, 2015,
And with dog zebra set, not a light can be seen.
Underway in the Caribbean just north of the Gulf of Uraba’s mouth,
We are under the OP/ADCON of LANTAREA and the TACON of JIATF-South.
Law enforcement operations are this unit’s mission,
CG23175 (VEN 1) and CG24216 (VEN 2) are cradled and sheltered from Poseidon’s grip,
While material condition yoke is set throughout the ship.
With both SSDG’s in tandem and both MDE’s ahead for 6,
The watch standers are ready to put a stop to the drug runners’ tricks.
If a go-fast should be met the crew’s actions will be swift, hard and fair,
If engines must be disabled, CG6512 is Semper Paratus to take to the air.
But who shall take the reins of such an operation, you may ask?
Only ENS Babb and his bridge team are ready for the task.

Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless
Written by BM3 Giovanetti

As midnight approaches we make our way
Through the Florida Straits for New Years Day,
The position it reads XX.XX.X N XXX.XX.X W
As we quickly sail home to our Galveston nest.

We all know that being back in D8 will be like being in heaven.
FPCON Alpha Plus, EMCON Delta and INFOCON III are in effect
The engineers wait for home, our red gear and reefers to inspect.

Material Condition yoke is set throughout the ship.
As CGXXXXX and CGXXXXX are cradled with no fear to slip.
The Navigation Lights are all burning bright
For BMC and SK1 to guide us through the night.

The NR1 Main is pushing us by
Hoping that its twin brother does not die
The NRX SSDG provides us with the light
If she goes out that EOW will be the new prince of the night

As the crew’s laughter echoes off the fantail
The mission is home and we shall not fail
With haste we sail to our Texas pier
Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous
Written by Lt. j.g. Caitlin Force and ET1 Timothy MacDonald

In the Florida Straits we steam,
At XX-XX.XN, XXX-XX.XW, is this team.
Off into the blue,
At 165 degrees true.

“Mighty warship” to us,
Vigorous to you.
Under COMLANTAREA we cruise,
With their OPCON and ADCON, we can’t lose.

Deterring migrants, and detecting go-fasts,
It’s our mission, and we’ll have a blast.
Controlled by D7, tactical, I do say,
It will no doubt be an interesting day.

The vessel is quite quiet throughout,
No bubbly being poured or kissing about.
2015 will bring memories from all around,
But not unless condition yoke is set throughout.

Deckies and engineers fast asleep,
While the ET’s fix the aft radar, to conduct a proper sweep.
Nav lights extinguished, deceptive we are,
“No, no migrants, you won’t get that far.”

VIG 1 and VIG 2, cradled and snug,
Ready to launch at the sight of a chug.
VIG 1, she’s the fastest. Ready she stands,
To capture drugs and people, headed for land.

NR1 MDE is turning quite fast,
Trying our best to make our fuel last.
The NR1 generator is providing light,
While the NR2 is sleeping tight.

LTJG Force has the deck and the conn,
Driving us towards the shore for our ron.
To Key West we go, wetting down and all,
Hopefully everybody has a ball.

Vigorous stands tall and she sails proud,
For forty-five years she’s been around.
Just a wee bit old and a tad bit rusty,
This eighty-man crew maintains her justly.

As the ball drops in Times Square,
2015 will be welcomed with great care.
People celebrating with joy and cheer,
As will vigorous as she welcomes a brand new year.

We greet this New Year with operations quite rigorous.
No matter the mission, we meet every challenge,
Ever skilled, ever vigorous!

Coast Guard Cutter Flyingfish
Written by SA Antonio Brancaleone

Twas the night before New Year’s when all through the boat, not a fireman was stirring for this I am sure without a doubt.
For the deckie has the watch and we are the best I say with a shout.
Moored starboard side along pier 1D Boston for sure is the place to be.
This vessel you see for sure will be under the ADCON of sector Boston for all of thee.
OPCON and TACON for District one
From Boston to Jersey, FLYINGFISH is certainly number one.
For even tho we do not steam and we sit her in Charlie
All night I guarantee our deck and flood lights will be burning brightly.
With lights burning brightly and yoke thoroughly set power and phone ties run from the ship.
And how can we forget so attached to the hip.
Fish one is notched so tightly in its slip.
And here it is a few more lines and we can split
As you gaze upon our piers,
You will see why we never fear.
Coast Guard Cutter Spencer so grand so tall,
SOPA she stands with officers aboard, all who oppose never stand and fall.
And how can we…
Oh no,
Never forget FPCON Alpha must be set.
And here I end all secure about the decks,
As I have done all my guard checks.
Have a happy new year have fun bring cheers,
Until our next year.

Coast Guard Cutter Seneca
Written by BM1 Adam Gercon

As SENECA’s 2014 winter patrol comes to a close,
We find ourselves sailing off the southeast Florida coast.
The ship’s in position xx-xx north by xx-xx west,
The compass points true north and that’s truly the best.
One thing was certain this entire patrol,
Our ADCON and OPCON were held by one soul.
That soul was LANTAREA with all of their might,
We strove to make them proud of our holiday fight.
We played many a game of TACON red rover,
But CGDSeven holds us now, and even those days are nearly over.
Material condition yoke is set, the hangar is extended,
Unfortunately the MK-92 has yet to be mended.
As we circumnavigated the Caribbean our Nav lights were turned down, but now burn brightly as we steam towards “the town.”
The OTH and CBL chased drug runners, yolas and rec boats,
But now find themselves cradled and secured while we hunt for winter coats.
If there was any doubt as to which one was at the ready,
It’s 23137, if her sponson is pumped up and holding steady.
Both main diesel engines are online and definitely humming,
DirecTV is back up, who saw that one coming?
The number one generator is on with the starboard steering cable,
A highlight of this patrol was that amazing thanksgiving dinner table.
Our DCA, LTJG Reimer, has the deck and the conn,
As he still tries to figure out why the Candela V is sunk and gone.
We have said goodbye to some good shipmates and hello to a few,
But it’s now time to ring in 2015, anew!

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