Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: IS2 Tyler Sherman

U.S. Coast Guard photo.

U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Intelligence Specialists, a cadre of highly trained Coast Guard intelligence professionals, are a key element in the successful integration of intelligence and operations in the Coast Guard, helping to protect and safeguard the nation through more intelligence-driven operations.

This small but highly technically trained rating serves throughout the Coast Guard, supporting operations at a wide variety of units, including agile cryptologic units, national and regional intelligence analysis centers, district and sector intelligence staffs and air stations.

Their classified work provides timely, actionable and relevant intelligence to commanders and operating forces of the Coast Guard.

These highly talented experts toil in the background and recognition of their work is usually low-key and not in the public eye. However, Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Sherman of Air Station Sacramento, California, recently received significant acclaim at the national level.

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance selected Sherman to receive the 2014 John W. Warner Homeland Security Award. He is the first Coast Guard member to receive this achievement award since its inception in 2010 and one of only five recipients nationwide in 2014.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Sherman, an intelligence specialist at Air Station Sacramento, delivers a brief to air station personnel. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Sherman, an intelligence specialist at Air Station Sacramento, delivers a brief to air station personnel. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

“My [operations] boss called me at night while I was not at work to tell me the good news,” said Sherman. “I was shocked as I thought I was a long shot.”

After graduating Intelligence Specialist “A” School in 2012, Sherman reported to Air Station Sacramento where he currently serves as the only intelligence professional assigned to the unit.

In only two years, Sherman has made a significant direct impact, informing operations to stem the flow of illegal narcotics into the United States, by providing real-time tactical intelligence to the air station’s operational commanders.

“Petty Officer Sherman’s efforts have greatly improved the unit’s intelligence gathering and mission execution,” said Chief Petty Officer Jason Watson, an operations specialist and Sherman’s direct supervisor. “He is truly a force multiplier for Air Station Sacramento.”

Sherman planned and executed networked intelligence briefings that helped both surface and air assets on interagency missions. He engaged with other agencies, including the U.S. Navy and Customs and Border Protection, to enhance intelligence assessments in support of law enforcement operations along the West Coast and U.S.-Mexico border.

“It is a pleasure to serve with Petty Officer Sherman, he is a highly motivated individual who works tirelessly to ensure his intelligence products provide the best picture for the operators to conduct successful interdictions,” said Lt. Kevin Carmichael, operations officer for Air Station Sacramento.

In 2010, the INSA Board of Directors established the INSA Achievement Awards to recognize the accomplishments of rising professionals in intelligence and national security as well as the mentors who have inspired them. INSA strongly believes it is worthwhile to formally and publicly acknowledge early achievers; in many cases, the Achievement Awards represent the first formal recognition the recipients have received.

“This accomplishment is truly the dedication and hard work of Air Station Sacramento with partnerships with District 11 Intelligence,” Sherman added. “Without the command supporting the intelligence program and giving me the latitude to work, nothing of this would have been accomplished.”

Petty Officer Sherman is commended on his recent nomination and subsequent award of the John W. Warner Homeland Security Award by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

“Air Station Sacramento is extremely proud of Petty Officer Sherman,” said Cmdr. Stephanie Lincoln, executive officer at Air Station Sacramento. “His individual actions have had a significant impact on our efforts to reduce smuggling activities off the California coast. The recognition of his contributions is well deserved.”

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