Shutter Shootout 2014 First Round (North)

Shutter Shootout 2014 (North R1). U.S. Coast Guard image.

Shutter Shootout 2014 (North R1). U.S. Coast Guard image.

With the arrival of March Madness and brackets on everyone’s minds, we bring you our own tournament in the form of “Shutter Shootout” – your chance to select the Coast Guard photo of the year.

These images showcase Coast Guard members from around the world who captured remarkable photographs of rescues, patrols, operations and training days to take you behind the scenes of life in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Starting today, you can vote during each round of tournament play at the Coast Guard’s Facebook page by clicking “like” on your favorite photos. Don’t forget to check which photos are competing against each other in the bracket, and may the best photo win!

Shutter Shootout 2014 schedule:

First Round:

North Bracket – Tues., March 18
South Bracket – Wed., March 19
East Bracket – Wed., March 20
West Bracket – Wed., March 21

Second Round:
North/South Brackets – Mon., March 24
East/West Bracket – Tues., March 25

Sweet 16: Wed., March 29

Elite 8: Tues., April 1

Final Four: Friday, April 4

Championship: Mon, April 7

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