Improving ERATS: Entering your Rating Performance Qualifications

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Written by Lt. Christopher McCann.

The Coast Guard is improving how its enlisted workforce prepares for advancement. The Enlisted Rating Training Advancement System, better known as ERATS, is an evolution of the existing advancement training system that has been in place for nearly a century. The system emphasizes performance, improves accountability and adapts to mission requirements. Many of the enhancements will go unnoticed by the fleet; the majority of improvements focus on how the training system creates, implements and manages advancement requirements. However, a significant change every enlisted person should be aware of is the requirement to record Rating Performance Qualifications into the Training Management Tool application.

If you plan to take the Servicewide Examination in May, you must have completed all advancement requirements by the Servicewide Eligibility Date, Jan. 31. If you are an AST, AMT, AET, DC, EM, FS, HS, IV, PA, MST, OS or SK, you have the additional requirement to record your RPQs into TMT in order to be eligible for the May SWE. MK’s and ME’s must enter RPQ’s into TMT before Aug. 1, for the November SWE. The BM, GM, IS, IT, ET, IS, and YN ratings have not completed transition to ERATS and are not required to complete the TMT certification at this time. Tutorials on the ERATS community portal show you how to enter information into TMT.

If you completed all Rating Performance Qualifications before Jan. 31, but your command has not entered them into TMT; it is not too late! Your command designated RPQ Reviewer may still enter them into TMT using the certification date your last qualification was signed off. For example, if your last qualification was completed Jan. 21, then the certification date may be dated as Jan. 21 in TMT. However, if your command enters a date after Jan. 31, your Personal Data Extract will display you as “ineligible”.

It is important you verify your PDE. Within a few days, your PDE will be available in Direct Access. This document contains personalized data used to determine your eligibility to take the Servicewide Examination. Specific requirements vary by rating and grade. If the data is incorrect, you may show as “ineligible” or it can negatively impact your standing on the final Advancement Eligibility List. It is very important that you review and validate the accuracy of this data. If there are errors on your PDE, you need to take immediate action to correct them in order to show as “eligible” to take the SWE. The Servicewide Examination Guide includes a PDE Verification section with guidance on how to complete PDE corrections.

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