Coast Guard telework policy updated

U.S. Coast Guard Human Resources Directorate (CG-1). U.S. Coast Guard graphic.

The following was released as a Flag Voice message from Assistant Commandant for Human Resources Rear Adm. Daniel Neptun.

Organizations with teleworkers, see improvements in the recruitment and retention of a high quality workforce. Telework also improves the resiliency of an organization’s ability to operate when impacted by natural and manmade emergencies. To reflect today’s evolving business practices, the 1997 Coast Guard Telecommuting Commandant Instruction 12630.1 is cancelled and replaced by Commandant Instruction 5330.4. Some of the key changes are highlighted below.

  • Requires most teleworkers to complete a new telework agreement, Form CG-5330, for civilian employee/military members and Form CG-3307 for reserve members.
  • Requires a change in the official worksite if civilian employees do not report to the office at least two days a pay period.
  • Clarifies work expectations for teleworkers during announcements of office closures, delayed arrival, or early dismissal due to emergency situations.
  • Implements mandatory telework training requirements for teleworkers and their supervisors.
  • Requires civilian employees and supervisors to record telework in webTA for reports to DHS and Congress.
  • Clarifies the use of telework as a reasonable accommodation.
  • Offers ways for supervisors to minimize data system usage.

Currently, the telework participation rate for Coast Guard civilians is 10 percent and interest in the program is growing, as indicated by the findings in the recent Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. We, as senior leaders, have an opportunity to capitalize on our employees’ interest in teleworking and use these arrangements as another management tool for meeting our work requirements. I encourage senior leadership to review their use of telework to see if new or existing telework arrangements could improve staff effectiveness and mission execution.

General information about the telework program and other related resources, including a link to the above referenced training courses, may be found on the Civilian Human Resources telework webpage. Questions regarding the telework program may be directed to Mr. Ron Coleman, CG-1212, (703) 872-6265.

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