TSA Travel Tip: Don’t exclude yourself from TSA Pre✓™ when booking travel

We’ve spent a decent amount of time on Coast Guard All Hands sharing the benefits of TSA Pre✓™ for military families. With the increase in travel (and travelers) over the holiday season, we wanted to share some tips from the Transportation Security Administration to ensure you are taking the proper steps when you book your holiday flight so you don’t unintentionally exclude yourself from being selected for expedited screening at the airport.

Written by Bob Burns, Transportation Security Administration Blog Team.

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While some eligible passengers are randomly excluded from expedited screening in TSA Pre✓™ lanes, we were surprised to learn that some U.S. and Canadian citizens who are enrolled in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection trusted traveler program have been excluded because of errors made in entering information when they book their reservation. On a given day, some have missed out on expedited screening because of a few simple errors.

A few of the basic reasons are as follows:

    • Entered the incorrect Membership Number / PASSID (also known as your known traveler number or trusted traveler number), or entered it in the wrong field when making their airline reservation online.


    • Entered a date of birth (DOB) when making their reservation that did not match the DOB they provided to CBP for Global Entry or another CBP trusted traveler program.


  • Didn’t enter their full name: first, middle and last name. These should match:

      • TSA Pre✓™ participants who qualify via their membership in a CBP Trusted Traveler program should enter their full name — first, middle and last — exactly as it appears on their Global Entry card or in their Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) account, along with their date of birth, gender, and nine digit Membership Number / PASS ID when making a reservation for travel. A reservation made with a name that does not exactly match a passenger’s Global Entry card or GOES account will result in the passenger not being considered for TSA Pre✓™ expedited screening. If you click the “manage membership” button when logged into your GOES account, it will direct you to the page in the image below where you’ll be able to ensure your account info — under the personal information section — matches the information in your travel reservation and your frequent flyer program: first, middle and last name fields.


    • You should make sure your airline frequent flyer profile and any current and/or future reservations matches this information. You may have to reach out directly to your carrier to make sure this information is correct and consistent, especially your first, middle and last name. You should ask them to update your profile information and/or saved Secure Flight data.


Screenshot of GOES account manager. Screenshot courtesy of the Transporation Security Administration.

Screenshot courtesy of the Transporation Security Administration.

A quick recap: Remember these important tips so that you will be included in TSA Pre✓™:

    • Make sure your booking agent/airline has your number and full name stored correctly. The name — first, middle and last — should match how you applied for a trusted traveler program, as listed above.


  • If you have Global Entry and want to qualify for TSA Pre✓™, enter your Membership Number / PASS ID — not the GOES ID — in the ‘Known Traveler/Trusted Traveler’ field when booking flight reservations — a nine digit.

    • Only enter your Membership Number / PASS ID in the ‘Known Traveler/Trusted Traveler’ field to ensure TSA Pre✓™ eligibility. Don’t type “Opt In” or “TSA Pre✓™” or any other text.


A global entry card. Photo courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration.

A global entry card. Photo courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration.

If you don’t know what your PASS ID is, you can find it on the back of your Global Entry card, or you can log in to your GOES account to get the ID number.

    • Open the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) website


  • Provide your login information. Click on the Sign In button. Look for your Membership Number / PASS ID on the main screen.

For more information on military family member gate passes or other benefits available to military personnel, injured service members, veterans and wounded warriors, please visit the TSA website and stay tuned to Coast Guard All Hands for future TSA travel tips.

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