Introducing an improved CGFIXIT

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Written by Rory Jansen.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology Service Center is excited to announce upgrades to CGFIXIT!

C4ITSC recognizes a positive user experience with CGFIXIT increases overall customer satisfaction. Since its inception, C4ITSC has enabled Coast Guard personnel to perform their jobs more effectively by providing full life-cycle support for CG applications and systems. In an effort to constantly improve service, C4ITSC released a redesigned version of the CGFIXIT Service Request Module – the service menu accessed via the CGFIXIT icon on your workstation desktop, on Nov. 12, 2013.

The effort to improve CGFIXIT began by reaching out to everyday users of CGFIXIT and asking them what could be improved. Their feedback helped craft the changes and enhancements seen in this redesign. As a CGFIXIT end user, you can expect to see several benefits of the redesign, including:

• Easier navigation – New and improved navigational categories and a simpler interface make it easier to find services you need.
• Better service descriptions – Streamlined service descriptions rewritten using plain language to improve search capabilities within CGFIXIT.
• No character limits – Use as much space as you need to describe your problem.

You can find training, FAQs, and videos on how to navigate the new features and services in CGFIXIT on the Tech Tips page.

The CGFIXIT SRM redesign is part of an ongoing effort by the C4ITSC to continuously improve IT service delivery within the CG. We are confident that you will like the new look and feel and we are excited to continue serving you through the new CGFIXIT SRM!

CGFIXIT is the single entry point for requesting Coast Guard IT services and support, from email accounts to desktop phones. The system allows CG personnel to submit support requests to C4ITSC organizations, including the Centralized Service Desk, the Operations Systems Center, and local IT support units. CGFIXIT plays a key role in providing effective and responsive IT support to CG personnel. CGFIXIT quickly routes tickets to a technician with the appropriate expertise and ensures that issues continue to receive attention until they are resolved. Consequently, calls to the CSD decrease and issues resolve more quickly, driving down costs and improving Coast Guard productivity by getting us all back to work sooner.

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