STAN 2.0: Scoring system explained

This post is the third in a four-part series that will explain the new Boat Forces standardization, called STAN, assessment standards. On Sept. 19, the Office of Boat Forces announced the implementation of the new STAN framework and provided policy updates to the Boat Forces manual. Over the next week, Coast Guard All Hands will breakdown the new policy and provide in-depth analysis of how these changes will better prepare personnel and operational units for mission success. The new STAN Team assessment policy is called STAN 2.0 and goes into effect Oct. 1.

Written by Lt. Jodie Knox.

Legacy standardization team scoring was out of a 50-point system. Anything lower than a score of 33 meant a unit failed it’s inspection. A score between 45 and 50 points earned the unit an award. Under STAN 2.0, the maximum score concept of the legacy scoring system will no longer apply. Where the old system focused on getting the most points, STAN 2.0 emphasizes getting the least. A perfect score would be zero, representing no percieved operational risk, however there are no minimum scores required. The score is solely for consideration by operational commanders when determining the level of risk to operational readiness at each unit under their command.

Scores will be assigned when standardization team inspectors arrive as well as when they depart. The intent is that scores improve during the STAN 2.0 visit as problems are identified and corrected, if possible, prior to departure.

Here is an example of how a unit could be graded:

Example of STAN 2.0 scoring system

Each gradeable area is given a score from zero to 80. Each gradable area is also given a green, amber or red determination highlighting problem areas for operational commanders. All individual areas are added together and divided by six, averaged out to represent the unit’s GAR score, representing an overall readiness level for the unit in relation to their overall operational risk.

For questions regarding STAN 2.0, please contact The Office of Boat Forces at (202) 372-2472 or Lt. David Ruhlig at

Be sure to read the final post in this four-part series on Tuesday, Oct. 1, where we will explain exactly how STAN 2.0 impacts ready for operation inspections and discuss the retirement of the Kimball Award!

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