It’s not JUST 8 weeks

The Coast Guard is the most selective armed force in the nation, and of those selected to serve in the nation’s premiere maritime service, Coast Guard recruits are among the most qualified personnel of any of the military services. Coast Guard recruits have the highest ASVAB scores and the most education of any of our sister services.

Due to the service’s selective enlistment process, the average applicant will wait six to eight months before reporting to boot camp, and many times this wait is even longer. All applicants are expected to report to Training Center Cape May, the nation’s only Coast Guard enlisted basic training center, ready to be pushed to their mental, physical and emotional limits because they are the best volunteers the nation has to offer and they have had ample time to prepare.

Applicants who report for training unprepared physically or mentally will only hurt their opportunity for success. Training Center Cape May is not the place to “get into shape.” Training Center Cape May shouldn’t be the first time an applicant takes the physical fitness assessment, and applicants shouldn’t start studying their Helmsman the day they get on the plane to come to recruit training.

Over the next several months, Training Center Cape May will provide applicants with the knowledge to prepare, but if applicants don’t have the motivation to prepare, they won’t have the drive to complete our program. This preparation program called “It’s not JUST 8 weeks” will include workout materials, preparation information and in depth insight into the program from training staff and recruits.

There are no guarantees at Training Center Cape May. If an applicant does not meet or exceed every standard, he or she will not become a member of the Coast Guard and will be reverted, rephased or washed out of our program. It’s not JUST 8 weeks. This is the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. Come Ready.

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