A boater’s holiday list

Finding gifts can sometimes be a hassle, but Compass is here to help you make the most out of your holiday shopping. Why not embrace the spirit of giving and turn your holiday gift into something that makes your loved one safe all year round?

The holidays are a perfect time to arm your friends and family with safe boating essentials. Whether a novice boater or a veteran sailor, it is important to encourage your loved ones to boat responsibly.

We have put together a list of safe boating gear every boating enthusiast will love and will give you the peace of mind they are more prepared on the water. Some of the items can be found at a local hardware store, and others are available at outdoor and marine supply shops. But no matter where you shop, all of the tools could serve as priceless lifesavers during emergencies.

We hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide and let us know what else you will be giving to the mariner or recreational boater in your life!
Holiday List

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