Coast Guard Alaska headed to the small screen

Al Roker with Air Station Atlantic City crew

Al Roker poses with a Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City crew in this January 2010 file photo. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Barbara L. Patton.

Earlier today, The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment unveiled “Coast Guard Alaska,” a reality television series that will follow the men and women of Air Station Kodiak both on and off-duty to give the world an insider’s perspective on the life of America’s maritime first responders in one of the nation’s most beautiful and potentially deadly locations.

Air Station Kodiak rescue helicopter

An Air Station Kodiak recue helicopter assists a commercial fishing vessel off the coast of Alaska. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

“The men and women of Air Station Kodiak are among the world’s elite search and rescue crews, but there’s so much more to the Coast Guard Alaska story than what happens inside the rescue helicopter,” said Cmdr. Sean Carroll, head of the Los Angeles-based Coast Guard Motion Picture & Television Office. “From the flight hangar to the command center and out into the community, we appreciate the opportunity to give the American people a behind the scenes look into the real lives of the Coast Guard men and women stationed throughout Alaska who take on the responsibility of protecting mariners in the Gulf of Alaska and on the Bering Sea, protecting Alaska from threats delivered by sea and protecting the sea itself.”

Scheduled for seven hour-long episodes beginning in November 2011, “Coast Guard Alaska” promises to take viewers from the cockpit to the barbecue pit as it follows Coast Guardsmen on rescue missions as well as fishing trips and family gatherings.

Air Station Kodiak

The Coast Guard men and women of Alaska perform their missions in some of America's harshest weather conditions. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Charly Hengen.

According to The Weather Channel, the series shows us life for these brave men and women as they balance duty versus family, and how each one deals with the pressures associated with the job. From intense training to perilous rescue missions in icy waters, the show reveals the strategy implemented in saving lives in such a harsh environment, along with the teamwork and discipline associated with the job. The series will also explore what life is like off-duty on the base, in a world so dependent on weather conditions. We’ll follow the group as they enjoy nature’s best offerings, from fishing trips on beautiful rivers to bear watching or barbecues with friends, family and colleagues.

Stay tuned to Coast Guard Compass for more details about “Coast Guard Alaska” as we count down the months to the series premiere.

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