Shipmate of the Week: Miller family

Miller family

CAPE MAY, N.J. – (left to right) Lt. Chris Miller, Seaman Apprentice Robert Miller, Chief Petty Officer Robert Miller (ret.) and Petty Officer 3rd Class Bradley Miller pose on the parade field after basic training graduation March 18. Coast Guard photo by CWO Veronica Colbath.

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Coast Guard families continue to be a significant part of the Service’s proud history. Whether it’s the Berry, Munro, Allen or Hearn family, parents are passing down the tradition of Coast Guard service from generation to generation. 

With all three of retired Coast Guard Chief Aviation Machinist’s Mate (ADC) Robert Miller’s sons on Coast Guard active duty, we now add the Miller family to our growing list of Coast Guard families. 

“Having a father in the Coast Guard gave me exposure to the service’s values, morals and self-discipline,” said Lt. Chris Miller. “I am very fortunate to be the son of a retired Coast Guard chief.” 

First Salute

NEW LONDON, Conn. – Ensign Chris Miller receives his first salute from his father, Chief Petty Officer Robert Miller (ret.), as he graduates Officer Candidate School May 2006.

Despite having a father who was an aviator, Lt. Miller admitted he was captivated by Coast Guard boats at a young age. He spent his first 12 years in the Coast Guard as a Boatswain’s Mate before attending Officer Candidate School in 2006.

He recalled with pride how early in his career he served alongside his father in New Orleans; he was assigned to Coast Guard Cutter White Holly, a river buoy tender, and his dad was at the Air Station

“Serving with my dad was an honor,” he said adding that he hopes to be the same role model and mentor for his brothers. 

In 2005, five years after Chief Miller retired, Petty Officer 3rd Class Bradley Miller joined his brother in the Coast Guard. After a tour at a small boat station, Petty Officer Miller decided to emulate his father’s career and become an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT)

A school graduation

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – (left to right) Robert Miller, Lt. j.g. Chris Miller, Petty Officer 3rd Class Bradley Miller, Chief Petty Officer Robert Miller (ret.) and his wife, Kathi, take a family photo after Petty Officer Miller graduated Aviation Maintenance Technician school Sept. 2007. Coast Guard photo by CWO Veronica Colbath.

“I am very proud to have followed my father’s footsteps in becoming a member of the Coast Guard,” said Petty Officer Miller. “During the past six years of my career I have been able to experience many rewarding opportunities I would otherwise never have been able to do.” 

Graduating basic training last Friday, the youngest brother, Robert, made the Coast Guard a true family affair. 

“I have a lot more in common with my brothers now and feel closer to them,” said Seaman Apprentice Robert Miller, assigned to the Coast Guard’s distinguished Honor Guard while he waits to attend Health Services Technician (HS) training. “The Coast Guard has brought me to where I am today, it raised my whole family.” 

For the Miller family, military service is much more than a career; it’s a family tradition dating back to 1950 when Chief Miller’s dad served in the Air Force. 

“It was never a job to us, it was a way of life,” said Lt. Miller. 

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