Innovation Expo – A Diversity of Ideas

United States Coast Guard Innovation Expo 2010 - Tampa, FloridaEach year the Coast Guard Innovation Exposition brings together people with ideas from across government, industry and academia to foster ways to improve mission execution and mission support.  This is especially critical in today’s Coast Guard with constant budget pressure and high operational tempo.

Improving the Coast Guard’s processes is always the thrust of the event but this year’s particular theme is The Spirit of Innovation: Celebrating the Diversity of Ideas.  Diversity of thought and experience often go hand in hand with tackling challenges in our service.

“Whether in routine operations or critical responses such as the Haiti earthquake relief or Deepwater Horizon response,” said Vice Adm. Sally Brice-O’Hara, “it is the diversity of our backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, experiences, education, and operations that better defines challenges and broadens the applicability of solutions.”

Through collaboration the insight of individuals brings fresh perspective to organizational challenges and the expo is designed to stimulate those problem-solving interactions.

“I believe the most important thing about the expo is the Coast Guard demonstrating the strong commitment it has to encouraging and supporting innovative ideas from all levels and communities,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jim Forgy, a member of the innovation council at LANTAREA.

It really is about the broader Coast Guard community too.  There will be well over 200 exhibitors from Motorola to the Mackinaw and all of these representatives offer unique insights into improving the Coast Guard.  That diversity unlocks the greatest asset of the Coast Guard community – its people.