What ADM Papp expects of his leaders

Admiral Bob Papp, 24th Commandant of the Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

Admiral Bob Papp, 24th Commandant of the Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

Since assuming the duties of Commandant of the Coast Guard on May 25, Admiral Bob Papp has regularly provided insight into his vision for the Coast Guard. Yesterday, he continued that process in announcing his expectation for ‘leadership, continuing service and promotion’ of the Service’s officer corps.

“Leadership is a bond of trust,” said Papp in an All Hands e-mail to the women and men of the Coast Guard. “I hope to engender trust by sharing insight on my expectations for leaders with all members of our Service. It is my firm belief that doing so will build a stronger Officer Corps, enhance Esprit de Corps, and ultimately strengthen our Service.”

While you can read more on Admiral Papp’s expectations of the Officer Corps by clicking here, we wanted to share some excerpts from the document.

“We must recognize that service as a Coast Guard officer is more than a job; it is a vocation.”

“We must encourage officers who believe in “service” before “self” or selfless service.”

“Our people are the Coast Guard’s greatest asset. Our ability to perform our mission ultimately depends on leaders ensuring their people are healthy, vibrant and well trained.”

“Inclusion of diversity of talent, ability, ideas, and viewpoints – as well as ethnicity, gender, culture, color, and creed – is vital to mission relevance, readiness and execution.”

“We need leaders who strive to create a climate of equity that fosters an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to prosper, advance in their careers and contribute their utmost to Coast Guard missions.”

“We need our flag officers to be those recognized leaders with impeccable Service reputations and with whom subordinates, peers and seniors seek to serve. They must have a passion for our Service, clear conviction of purpose and the demonstrated ability to act in a collegial manner.”