Safety stand down of Coast Guard air stations

The following is posted on behalf of Vice Admiral Currier, Chief of Staff, U.S. Coast Guard.

VADM J.P. Currier, Chief of Staff, U.S. Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

VADM J.P. Currier, Chief of Staff, U.S. Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

Yesterday, ADM Papp sent an email to all hands on the loss of CG-6017. In that message he directed all air station commands to conduct a safety stand-down. This is an important tool that all units in the Coast Guard can use.

To provide clarity, safety stand-downs allot a period of time when a unit takes a break from normal operations and training to focus on safety practices. We recognize that our jobs are sometimes hazardous and it is vital that we take every opportunity to both identify and mitigate operational risk. The stand-down should be used to highlight aspects of operations and mission support that present the higher levels of risk, followed by group discussions on how those risk factors can be reduced.

A stand-down does not affect unit response to emergencies or the conduct of operational missions such as critical patrols. During a stand-down a unit ceases all non-essential activities to focus on how each member of the command can personally contribute to the conduct of safe and effective operations. The effective execution of our missions requires the involvement of all hands.

J.P. Currier, VADM
Chief of Staff