ADM Papp on CG social media

As many of you have likely noticed, the U.S. Coast Guard homepage got a face lift earlier this week in conjunction with the Commandant Change of Command. The decidedly social media look and feel of this latest evolution of our service’s web presence is a testament to Admiral Allen’s leadership on the social media front over the years and represents Admiral Papp’s embrace of social media as a communications tool. 

Later today, Admiral Papp will send out an ALCOAST message on senior leadership communications identifying Coast Guard Compass as the service’s “primary location for public blogging.” The message includes the following with respect to the leadership team’s intended use of social media.

“As you know, the way we communicate continues to rapidly evolve, in particular the use of social media such as blogging, micro-blogging, networking, and web pages, etc. My command team will embrace the use of social media. Our plan is to take a centralized, focused approach to social media using the methods outlined above. The iCommandant and All Hands blogs, as well as the Commandant’s Facebook fan page will be retired. However, the blog content will be available on for anyone interested in viewing, and we will continue to adapt and make effective use of social media as it evolves.”

In the coming weeks, Coast Guard Compass will get a face lift of its own. In the meantime, those of us who work on Coast Guard Compass want to thank Admiral Papp for his confidence in our ability to communicate the Coast Guard message to the public and for allowing us to bring those messages to you on the U.S. Coast Guard homepage.

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