ADM Papp defines guiding principles

Admiral Robert J. Papp, 24th Commandant of the Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

Last night, Admiral Papp laid out the principles by which he will guide the Coast Guard over the next four years in an all hands e-mail following up on themes he presented in his change of command address earlier this week.

“We will set a course that: Steadies the Service, Honors our Profession, Strengthens our Partnerships, and Respects our Shipmates.” – Admiral Robert Papp, 24th Commandant of the Coast Guard

The past decade has not only seen the service’s mission profile increase, but it has been a period of high public visibility and intensified op tempo for the men and women of the Coast Guard. Admiral Papp’s vision is based on lessons learned as both a participant and observer in Coast Guard responses to 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Haiti earthquake and the current oil spill in the Gulf.

Here are Admiral Papp’s guiding principles in his own words:

Steady the Service – I am committed to focusing on our core roles and missions as defined in Pub One. To reduce stress on our Service and maintain the highest level of readiness we must emphasize our statutory missions, finish organizational realignment and prioritize demands for our services within the budget. We must continue to pursue replacement assets for the future. We must return to a sustainable state.

Honor our Profession – I am committed to professional service by demonstrating the highest competence in execution and support of our varied missions. At all times, we are a military organization guided by responsibility, authority and accountability. Mission excellence is our north star. Honoring our Profession requires inspired leadership to develop knowledge, skills, pride and experience, in a nurturing environment, built from a foundation of clear doctrine and training. I will not ask you to do more than our resources allow, but we must do our absolute best with what we have.

Strengthen our Partnerships – I am committed to partnerships. They are a force multiplier. As demand for our Service continues to expand, and the threats in the maritime environment increase in complexity, a unilateral approach will not be the best or the most efficient means to achieve mission success. We can be more effective and provide greater value to our country when we forge partnerships with local, state, federal, tribal and international agencies. For the same reasons, strengthening appropriate relationships with private industry is imperative. Ultimately, strong partnerships are critical to enhancing our capability, effectiveness and credibility in the maritime domain.

Respect our Shipmates – I am committed to a climate of care and concern for Shipmates, active, reserve, civilian, auxiliary, families, and retirees, on a daily basis. Our people are the Coast Guard’s greatest asset and our ability to perform our mission ultimately depends on your health, vibrancy, training and capabilities. We must provide the best in human resource management, administrative support, wellness programs and professional development, while maintaining a safe, collaborative and productive work environment. Our Service must also draw strength from the diversity of our Nation. I want the Coast Guard to be recognized as the profession of choice for Americans of all backgrounds.

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