Your opportunity to help keep the water safe

America's Waterway Watch wants you!

America's Waterway Watch wants you!

Last year we told you how you can all be guardians by participating in America’s Waterway Watch, a program to help report suspicious activities on the water.  They receive hundreds of reports each year and even helped nab a terrorist who was reported to AWW for suspicious activity.  Now the program is expanding and they need your help and your input.  Here’s how it works.

You can still report suspicious individuals by calling 877-24-WATCH any time.  But now the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary are looking for ways to be more proactive.

“We want to make the process a two-way street,” said Ryan Owens, chief of industry outreach.  “What we want to do is be able to push information out when we have a tip or other information.”

People interested in helping fight crime and terrorism will sign up with the new program and will receive alerts when and if the need arises.  Just to be clear, if there is an emergency or a threat to people or property call 911 or contact the Coast Guard on marine channel 16.  However, you could potentially make a difference by volunteering your eyeballs and ears to the cause.

For now you can do three things.  First, if you see something suspicious report it.  Second, check out their site or become a fan on Facebook to find out how you can be a part of the expanded program when it’s rolled out.  Third, if you have any suggestions for the program, like how to reach out to your community or ways to make it easier for you to receive alerts, leave a comment here and AWW will contact you if you’d like.

Boating season is here, participate and do your part to keep it safe out there.

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