Commandant Thanks Guardians for Haiti Response

Post Written by Public Affairs Specialist 2nd Class Dan Bender

Wednesday Adm. Allen delivered an address to the Coast Guard on its response to the earthquake in Haiti. He emphasized how their actions were a direct reflection of the service’s values and of it’s strengths, pointing out the speed, flexibility and compassion of those who are responding. Specifically he noted that the first Coast Guard cutter was on scene within 18 hours and the early C-130 overflights laid the groundwork for an effective response by the rest of the government. He also pointed out that while the service doesn’t have the massive resources of the other branches of the military, the Coast Guard has some very real strengths.

“We don’t have the bench strength of the larger armed forces of the United States,” he said, “but we can be there first, we can be flexible, and we can fight a holding action until larger resources arrived to relieve us in support of a larger operation.”

The full address is available in CGVI and on YouTube.

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