Coast Guard establishes safety zone for PETN spill

The Coast Guard Captain of the Port responsible for the Port of Morehead City, North Carolina, has ordered a 300-yard safety zone around the vessel LEHMANN FORESTER and closed the port in response to the puncturing of a single container containing PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate).

PETN has many industrial uses, but is classified as an explosive. There was no explosion associated with the spill.

The spill is believed to be the result of a forklift puncturing the container during the normal offloading of the commercial vessel.

At this time, the spill is isolated to the deck of the vessel and is being cleaned up by local fire department personnel following approved HAZMAT procedures with the assistance of the Coast Guard and other federal and state agencies.

Coast Guard Compass will continue to follow and update this story as events unfold.

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