NMC Continues to Make Mariner Credentialing Easier and Faster

Today the National Maritime Center (NMC) launched a new service that will automatically send an email notification to mariners informing them of the status of their credential application as it is being processed by the Coast Guard. Mariners who provide an email address with their credential application will receive an email when their application passes through the following states of processing:
• Sent from an REC to the NMC
• Awaiting Medical Evaluation
• Being Evaluated by Medical
• Awaiting Professional Evaluation
• Being Evaluated for Professional Qualifications
• Awaiting Information
• Approved to Test
• Approved to Print
• Issued
• Confirmation of delivery and request for feedback

“This new automated service will help maintain confidence among mariners that their application is being actively worked by the Coast Guard,” said CAPT David Stalfort, Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center.

There will also be reminder emails while in Awaiting Information or Approved to Test. The NMC will continue to upgrade this service as it undertakes other system improvements and welcomes customer feedback.

Feedback on the new automated email can be sent to NMC using web email.

Click here for more information on the new automated email notification system.

In addition, The National Maritime Center’s Monthly Performance Report for November, released today, demonstrates continued operational improvements in the processing of Mariner Credential applications. Key highlights include:
• Inventory levels remain well below ‘backlog’ levels,
• Throughput remains above 1.0 and
• Average net processing time has fallen to a new record of 20.86 days, well below the goal of 30 days.

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