Update: Coast Guard Mariner Credentialing Program

Back in July, the Compass posted on the Coast Guard’s Mariner Licensing and Documentation Program, which is now the Mariner Credentialing Program since the various licenses and documents have been consolidated into one passport-style Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). In that post, we mentioned:

“The NMC (National Maritime Center) is currently surging application processing to clear out any backlog with an end goal of reducing the processing time to 30 days.”

Well, we are proud to report that the backlog has been eliminated. Mariners that meet all of the requirements and submit a complete application package to the Coast Guard are receiving their credentials between 15-20 days from the time they submitted their application.

Since July, the Coast Guard has issued 19,000 credentials to mariners, over 13,000 of these mariners (60%) received their credential within 27 days of submitting their application to the Coast Guard. In the month of September alone, 3,400 mariners received their credentials within 18 days.

For more information on the status of mariner credentialing, read the most recent one-page NMC Monthly Performance Report.

Or, you can watch a live Web cast tomorrow, October 7, at 2 p.m. of RDML Kevin Cook and CAPT David Stalfort’s testimony before the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee on the Qualifications and Credentialing of Mariners.

Tune in to @cuscoastguard, hashtag #uscgnmc for live Tweets as the hearing takes place.

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