The Coast Guard in 20-25 years

Sure, 20-25 years is really looking ahead, but when it comes to strategy development the Coast Guard can never be too forward thinking.

The Evergreen II Project Report, which is put together with input from the entire Coast Guard family as well as maritime industry stakeholders, has been published and is available here. The Office of Strategic Analysis facilitated five separate workshops in three cities over the past two years and asked participants to determine: What strategies does the Coast Guard need to implement now, in order to meet the needs of a wide-range of possible future scenarios? The scenario-based analysis helps those involved to think “over the horizon” and consider uncertain future events.

The team came up with 13 core strategies including:

  • 21st Century Partnerships
  • Advancing Global Maritime Governance
  • Maritime Policy Engagement
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Mission Portfolio Management
  • MDA 2.0
  • Polar Mission Capacity
  • Underwater Mission Development
  • The Best Team
  • The Right Skills
  • Intelligent Technology Acquisition
  • Communications Excellence
  • A Green Coast Guard

The Coast Guard has made headway on some of these strategies already, but the next part of the Evergeen cycle of strategic renewal is to begin to implement these strategies.

Read more about these core strategies here and on the iCommandant blog.

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