Military Wilderness Challenge Winner

Last week, we talked about the various Coast Guard teams participating in the all military Wilderness Challenge including last year’s winners Team Ducky Fuzz and the Masters of Rubber. Sounds like it was a close competition as Team Ducky Fuzz came in second place overall.

Here are the Tweets as the competition unfolded:

One hour before the Wilderness Challenge race start, 6 teams representing the Coast Guard from all corners of the country. Wish them luck!
5:59 AM Oct 9th from txt

The race has begun with the last teams just starting the 5 mile run. 58 teams competing for the coveted title of Wilderness Challenge C …
7:41 AM Oct 9th from txt

The first event of the day is drawing to a close; 5 mile run. 1 mile strait down hill. Can you say 6 minute miles straight down hill!
10:05 AM Oct 9th from txt

Day #2 at the Wilderness Challenge and we have perfect adventure racing weather…rain, rain and more rain!
3:49 AM Oct 10th from txt

Teams have finished the mountain bike and some have come off the white water on day two of the Wilderness Challenge.
8:06 AM Oct 10th from txt

Coast Guard Team Ducky Fuzz starts off first in the last event of the race…the 15 mile mountain hike. Go CG.
8:11 AM Oct 10th from txt

Teams have started to finish the 2009 Wilderness Challenge. As one team put it, “It was a mud bath!”
10:33 AM Oct 10th from txt

The Wilderness Challenge Awards Dinner has begun. Results shortly so stay tuned.
3:09 PM Oct 10th from txt

Coast Guard top 3: 3rd, Dirty Divers; 2nd, Boondoglers; 1st, Ducky Fuzz for the 5th year in a row.
3:14 PM Oct 10th from txt

Overall top 3 in the 2009 Wilderness Challenge: 3rd, Navy Trample the weak; 2nd, Coast Guard, Ducky Fuzz; 1st Marines, Dale Milton.
3:21 PM Oct 10th from txt

Hopefully, we will post some pictures of the “mud bath” this week. Stay tuned!

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