All Military Wilderness Challenge

Run, whitewater raft, bike, hike and… Duckie? What? Yes, I double checked, Duckie.

Teams whitewater rafting

This weekend seven Coast Guard teams, along with about 50 other military teams, will participate in the two-day all military Wilderness Challenge adventure race in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The teams will navigate through several events including the infamous Duckie course. A duckie is an inflatable canoe that is manually operated using double edged paddles. These two-person flotation devices are used during part of the multi-sport race to navigate Class I-III rapids. Of course, all race participants will exercise safe boating practices by wearing their life jackets and helmets…

Team Duckie Fuzz and The Masters of Rubber are tethered together during the 2006 race.

What’s even better than a little friendly competition? The fact that one of the Guardian teams, Team Ducky Fuzz and the Masters of Rubber, is defending its title as the winner of last year’s race. This team also won in 2006 and has taken third place twice in 2005 and 2007, making them a strong contender this year. The 2009 Team Ducky Fuzz and the Masters of Rubber is comprised of CDR Daniel Deptula, LT Michael Weaver, LTJG Cheryl Hickey and LTJG Thomas Wieland.

In case you were wondering where their team name originated, here is what the team captain, CDR Daniel Deptula, had to say:

“Our name originates from a fatigue-induced reflection on our stage win in the duckie portion of the Wilderness Challenge race in 2004. We also realized that whether one is pushing rubber (rafts, duckies) riding rubber (mountain bikes) or striding on it by foot, we knew we would have to become Masters in order to win the race.”

Team Duckie Fuzz and The Masters of Rubber paddle their way in the 2006 "Duckie" competition

Team Duckie Fuzz and The Masters of Rubber paddle their way in the 2006 Duckie race.

As in past challenges, this year’s race course is grueling and spans about 55 miles…

Here is a list of all the Coast Guard Teams participating:

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Good luck Guardians!

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