itCG-maritime security zone for G-20 summit, public meetings on proposed rule, migrant smugglers sentenced to prison

  • Coast Guard will implement a security zone on an approximate five-mile area at the intersection of Pittsburgh’s three rivers during the G-20 global economic summit beginning at 6 a.m. tomorrow until about 10 p.m. on Friday. Guardians will work with partner agencies to patrol and enforce the security zone.
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  • The Coast Guard is investigating why an unoccupied 30-foot boat sank yesterday near the Hillsboro Beach Inlet in Southern Florida. The boat had about 200 gallons of diesel onboard and pollution responders used boom to try to contain any spilled fuel.
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  • Late last month, the Compass talked about the ballast water ruling proposed by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard will hold six public meetings to gather public comment on the proposed rule. Further information may be found here and here.
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  • Four men have been sentenced to serve time in prison for trying to transport illegal migrants to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Two men received two and a half years, another received 13 months and the fourth received six months in prison. The incident occurred in January when an overloaded boat with about 23 migrants struck a reef and capsized. Ten people remain missing from the incident.
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