itCG-maritime security training, missing fisherman, tides generate electricity

  • Vice Admiral John Currier provides remarks on the Coast Guard training conducted on the Potomac River yesterday. Watch the video on YouTube here or on CGVI here.
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  • Yesterday afternoon, a 63-foot fishing boat was about 125 miles off the coast of Massachusetts when the crew noticed one of the men was missing and called the Coast Guard for help. Several Coast Guard units are searching for the missing 31-year-old man.
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  • Coast Guard plans to use the tide to augment power at Station Eastport, Maine. This is the first time the Coast Guard has used this technology that takes advantage of the tidal fluctuations to provide electricity.
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  • After receiving a report of an unmanned and overturned catamaran about 20 miles southeast of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina Wednesday morning, the Coast Guard launched a search for the operator. Thankfully, the owner contacted the Coast Guard and said the two people who were onboard made it safely to shore when they could not right the boat. Boaters should contact the local Coast Guard unit anytime anything is lost or left at sea to prevent an unnecessary search case.
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