New Series – Ensign Cook Reports

The Compass would like to invite you on a journey with Ensign Lindsay Cook. As a newly commissioned officer straight from civilian life and into a uniform, ENS Cook has a lot to learn about the Coast Guard, its missions and its people. The “Ensign Cook Reports” series will follow her over the next several months as she deploys to various Coast Guard units. Join ENS Cook as she blogs about her experiences and tells stories from the field…

Hello Everyone, I am Ensign Lindsay Cook.

About a year ago I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, and aspired to join the Coast Guard. I put in my package to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) and was determined to be a Coastie even if I didn’t get selected to attend OCS. Well, I got in! I started OCS in January and was commissioned in May 2009.

My first assignment (fresh out of OCS) is a staff tour as a public affairs officer in Portsmouth, VA. This is rare…I just got extremely lucky. Since I started my career in the CG at a staff tour and don’t have any first hand operations experience, my CAPT decided to get me some operational time. I am stoked about learning from my fellow shipmates and seeing what goes on everyday in the CG. What better way to learn than getting hands-on experience with subject matter experts! Not only do I get to experience the CG’s operations, but I also have the opportunity to share my experiences and my shipmate’s stories. It’s my hope that as I learn and blog, both you and I gain a better understanding of the CG’s operational missions and get to know the diverse group of people who make these missions happen.

Please know that I am learning about the CG’s missions first hand during each visit, so I don’t really know what to expect, but feel free to ask me questions anytime. I’m not a subject matter expert and may not be able to answer your question immediately but I will do my best to find an answer. If after I do a little research and I’m still stumped, then I’ll just be honest and say I don’t know.

I am about to take you on my journey as I learn about the CG’s missions first hand during each unit I visit. There’s a lot in store and I can’t wait. Let’s do this….

-ENS Lindsay Cook

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