itCG-helicopter crash, shark bite medevac, boat collision, oil fingerprinting

  • Coast Guard Station Rockland responded to a helicopter that crashed in Penobscot Bay, Maine, yesterday. The four passengers were from a luxury yacht anchored in the area and were not seriously injured. Coast Guard personnel towed the helicopter to shore (see photo) and are monitoring pollution from the 30 gallons of fuel onboard the aircraft.
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  • A Coast Guard helicopter medically evacuated a man who was bitten by a shark yesterday while fishing 65 miles southeast of New Orleans. Watch a video of the helicopter hoist here.
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  • Seven people were injured when two boats collided in Discovery Bay in Northern California yesterday. A Coast Guard boat transferred the injured passengers to EMS after one boat with six adults and a child and another boat with two passengers collided. The collision is under investigation by local authorities.
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  • Did you know the Coast Guard has a Marine Safety Lab in New London, Connecticut? The lab conducts forensic oil fingerprinting to help pollution investigators identify the source and type of oil. On scene investigators send samples like polluted water from a marina or bilge water from a commercial ship to the experts at the lab for analysis.
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