itCG-going green, VIP tours Woods Hole, more tropical storm activity

  • Looks like we are starting to go from orange to “green” as several of our units turn to environmentally friendly technology. Over the weekend, there have been a few articles about our use of “green” equipment and products for base projects. One over at CG Air Station Elizabeth City and another at CG Training Center Petaluma.
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  • What’s a Boston Bruin’s hockey player doing in the water wearing a survival suit? Surely he’s not fishing… it’s training season! No, he’s taking a break to visit Coast Guard units in Woods Hole. First, Guardians gave him the survival suit challenge to illustrate how difficult it is to get one on and to emphasize the importance of practice. They also gave him a tour of the base, let him drive a response boat, and took flying in a helicopter among other things…
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  • A few tropical storms threaten the South Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. A Tropical Depression off Florida’s West Coast will likely turn into Tropical Storm Claudette by landfall. The U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto are under the threat of Tropical Storm Ana, which is expected to make landfall early tomorrow. Mariners should secure their boats properly and exercise extreme caution on waters that may be affected by these storms. It is important to remember that the Coast Guard’s ability to respond to a distress call may be degraded during a storm.
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  • I just cannot say enough about our volunteer Guardians. The men and women of the Coast Guard Auxiliary do so much to keep people and property safe on the water. They operate their personally owned boats and although they are not required to outfit them with CG approved gear, many of them do because of their pride in their volunteer duties. Recently, Auxiliarists in the Yakima flotilla spent a weekend patrolling during the Tri-City Water Follies hydroplane races.
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