itCG-CGA ranks high among colleges, unmanned boat stopped, less migrants entering U.S., CG on Fed News Radio

  • According to the 2010 edition of America’s Best Colleges, the Coast Guard Academy was ranked second in the Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the North and 15th in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Program in the Country. The Academy has been ranked second Best Baccalaureate College in the North for the past three years and improved its ranking from 21st last year to 15th this year in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Program category.
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  • What happens when the people operating a boat are ejected and not wearing a kill switch? The boat keeps running. Luckily, in the incident that occurred yesterday in Choctawhatchee Bay in Southern Florida, a Good Samaritan safely rescued the two people from the water while the boat started going in circles. Coast Guard Station Destin responded, conducted a risk assessment and decided to foul the propeller using a line. The boat was safely stopped and towed back to shore.
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  • This article reports that, “From Oct. 1 through July 31, the Coast Guard intercepted an average of 72 Cubans a month, compared to 183 a month in the previous fiscal year. The last time the numbers were that low was in 2002, the year after the Sept. 11 attacks.” Customs and Border Patrol said their numbers of Cubans entering the country by sea have decreased from nearly 4,000 annually to about 1,000. Similarly, the number of immigrants entering through Mexico has also fallen dramatically. Some say the decrease is due to the economy, but it may also be due to an increase in law enforcement collaboration, presence and penalties.
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  • The other day, a Coast Guard spokesperson, Ryan F. Owens, talked with Fed News Radio about maritime domain awareness and the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee. He highlighted the success in information sharing and law enforcement as agencies manage threats on coastal waterways and the high seas. He also touched on the potential for using social media like Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn to inform stakeholders.
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