Are You Feeling the Chill in the Air?

I know it’s in the heat of the summer, but I almost feel cold reading all the Arctic news stories and blog posts and viewing all the Arctic video and imagery.

iCommandant has taken on a rather “cold” tone posting several arctic stories in the past week while the Commandant and other members of the Ocean Policy Task Force visit the Arctic region. Check it out for insider information, videos, press coverage, photos and more. For more multimedia, search “Arctic” on the Coast Guard Visual Information Gallery.

Don’t forget, the Coast Guard Cutter Healy is also up on the far north waterways surveying the ocean floor with the Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Louis S. St-Laurent. While on patrol, the two cutters have been doing a bit of international exchange not only with scientific research but also personnel. CGC Healy recently started a blog and posted an entry highlighting a recent exchange (note the bar onboard the Louis S. St-Laurent… yes, as in alcohol).

Time to bundle up and stay warm. Brrrrrr.

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