Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)

The Department of Homeland Security is conducting the first ever Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR), which will establish the strategic foundation for homeland security activities over the next four years.

The review involves six main study groups:

  1. Counterterrorism and Domestic Security Management
  2. Securing our Borders
  3. Smart and Tough Enforcement of Immigration Laws
  4. Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Disasters
  5. Homeland Security National Risk Assessment
  6. Homeland Security Planning and Capability Development

The Department’s intent is to reach out to both internal (DHS & its components) and external (federal, state, local, tribal, public, industry) stakeholders and draw on their insights and expertise during a series of web-based, interactive conversations.

To find out more about the QHSR, click here.

To read a post about the QHSR at The Blog @ Homeland Security, click here.

To participate in the dialogue, register here before July 31st. The collaboration tool will be available for comments starting 03 August 2009.

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