itCG-stranded rafters rescued, properly using a marine radio, Coast Guard Art Program makes YouTube

  • Coast Guard helped to find three rafters who were stranded in a remote national park in Alaska after their gear got washed away. Thankfully, they carried a personal locator beacon and used it to call for help.
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  • This is an interesting story that talks about proper (an improper) etiquette on marine band VHF radios. The post specifically discusses Channel 16 but also offers insight on using other radio channels.
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  • The Balboa Island ferry was out of service yesterday after it ran aground late Tuesday damaging the hull. Fortunately, at the time of the grounding no passengers were onboard the boat. Coast Guard is investigating the incident.
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  • Just the other day, the Compass blogged about a day underway on the CGC Juniper. One of the missions that day was to host an artist from the Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP). Today, a video featuring the COGAP Art Acceptance ceremony in New York City on June 25th was posted on YouTube. The video provides excellent background on COGAP and the artists who volunteer their talent and time to the program.
    Watch the video here

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