itCG-plane crash search, kayaker rescues, arctic concerns

  • Coast Guard has been searching for five people who were onboard a plane that went down yesterday afternoon about 20 miles off the West coast of Florida near Tampa. Remains and debris have been recovered. The crash is under investigation.
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  • Coast Guard has responded to two separate kayakers in distress in the Bering Sea of Alaska over the past week. A Coast Guard helicopter rescued a French man on Sunday who encountered rough seas and a Coast Guard fixed wing aircraft assisted an Alaska Air National Guards helicopter that rescued a Norwegian kayaker early yesterday.
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  • During the Commandant’s Senate subcommittee hearing on Coast Guard Authorization on Tuesday, the conversation turned to the Arctic, global warming and the Coast Guard’s ice-breaking capabilities. Our shortage of ice-breaking cutters, and the aging of the two we have, has raised some concerns as climate change takes center stage. To compare with our neighbors, Russia has about 20 ice-breakers and Canada 13.
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