itCG-helicopter hoists and the sometimes forgotten heros

Hoists, hoists and more hoists. The news today is full of Coast Guard helicopter rescues from yesterday, so today’s post will highlight some of the amazing stories.

  • After their boat capsized in San Francisco Bay, two people were rescued from the water – one by a Good Sam and the other by Coast Guard helicopter from San Francisco. Both were wearing wet suits and were uninjured. Story here
  • A Coast Guard helicopter from San Francisco also rescued a women who was stranded on the rocks near San Francisco. Story here
  • A Coast Guard helicopter rescued a man from a cliff off the southern coast of Oregon. Story here
  • A small child was medically evacuated from a cruise ship off the coast of Alaska after falling while aboard. Story here
  • Only minor injuries were reported after the Coast Guard rescued two people whose helicopter crashed near Ocean Shores, Washington. The cause of the accident is being investigated. Story here
  • Coast Guard helicopter lowered pumps to a sinking boat near Kodiak Island, Alaska. Good Samaritans also assisted the fisherman and were able to repair the boat. Story here

Sure, it looks like the helicopter crews get all the glory, but there are many other Guardians involved during these cases. Every rescue case is a team effort, from the communications watch that receives the call for help to the small boat station that often gets underway to the many layers of leadership that are involved from start to finish.


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