itCG-towers damaged, sandbar grounding, Coast Guard use of social media

  • Twice this week a Coast Guard communications tower was damaged. First, on Sunday, a tower in Honolulu was destroyed when a van drove into it causing it to fall and injure the two people in the van. That was a car accident, but Tuesday’s incident was not likely an accident when vandals damaged a Rescue 21 tower in California. Although extensive damages occurred to the Rescue 21 tower, it will not impact current Coast Guard operations. Rescue 21 is being installed across the nation as an upgrade to the aging 1970’s system and is an advanced command, control and communications system designed to greatly improve the ability to assist mariners in distress and save lives and property at sea.
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  • Before dawn yesterday, a man was seriously injured when his boat ran aground on a sandbar. Although nautical charts illustrate shallow depths, changes in tide and weather can affect sea levels. “It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and transit slowly at night when visibility is limited,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer Kozak.
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  • I saw a post over at Puget Sound Maritime blog with a video on Coast Guard District Thirteen’s use of social media. Units throughout the Coast Guard are using Internet-based tools to communicate with the public. Want to know what the Guardian’s are doing in your neck of the woods? Post a comment and I will help you find them online.
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