ItCG- Search in the Pacific Northwest, hoax caller pleads guilty, and Cape May paddles

  • There is a search going on for two people who have been missing since their boat flipped in northern Chuckanut Bay near Bellingham, Wa. There were originally six people on the vessel, but when the boat flipped four of them swam for shore. Of those four three of them made it while the fourth was found stranded on a cliff. The other two remain missing and were not with the boat when it was found.

    The thing that makes really should make your blood run cold in this story? The thought of being in that 48 degree water…and that it appears none of the boaters were wearing a life jacket or flotation device at the time of the accident.

    Story here

    There was an informative blog entry that talked about cold water immersion in the Pacific Northwest on the USCG District 13 blog. Read it here.

  • While this one is a press release and I haven’t found it on the news sites yet (I am sure it will be showing up soon) I thought it was something I should post here. A few features back I posted about hoax callers. Well, Marcus Schrenker of McCordsville, Indiana pled guilty today in the Northern District of Florida of making a fake distress call and intentionally crashing a plane. Some of you might remember this story as it made national news when it happened, this is the man who claimed his aircraft’s windshield had imploded and that he was injured. His distress call launched a huge search for him.

    Story here

    As I’ve said before it is not if a hoax caller will be caught, with the new technologies it is increasingly when they are caught.

  • We in the Coast Guard love being a part of the communities we serve, but there is nothing quite so humbling as having a community do something kind for us. The annual Paddle for a Purpose event this year, scheduled for June 20, will benefit the Nature Center of Cape May’s Good Neighbor Fund for Coast Guard families.

    Story here

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