ItCG- Operation Dry Water, sprucing up Port Angeles, a called off search

  • The Unofficial Coast Guard Blog has a post about Operation Dry Water, with the apt title I dare you to drink and boat. The post talks about the new operation that has the Coast Guard working jointly with state and local agencies to prevent people boating under the influence.Story here

    Why is so much effort being put into ODW? Well that’s simple, to help keep people safe and alive. Along with reading the blog entry you can also check out the ODW webpage or you can join the cause on Facebook. Oh and yes, you can follow it on Twitter as well.

  • The Commandant and Capt. Timothy Close, commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg, did an interview with the Tampa Tribune talking about the Coast Guard and fairly wide array of our missions. Overall a very informative broad and comprehensive interview.Story here
  • Coast Guard Volunteers are helping spruce-up Port Angeles by giving their time and labor to clear brambles and paint. Being a part of a community is something that each unit in the Coast Guard really cares about and there are a lot of these stories out there. Props to the Port Angeles crew.Story here
  • Units from Coast Guard, the New York Police Department and Nassau police suspended their search of East Rockaway Inlet for a 35-year-old man who went under after he tried to help a co-worker late yesterday. The man went missing after he attempted to help a co-worker who was in distress.Story here

A. Thorsson